Modern World’s Issue- Carbon Footprint

Imagine that you are walking over a wet ground; you will leave a footprint with each step. The more you walk, more will you leave the footprint. Like this actual footprint, whenever some activity is performed in daily life (ex: Food production, Driving a vehicle or even cooking a food), certain amount of Carbon dioxide... Continue Reading →


Enigmas of our Education System

The system of education differs from a place to place and may change when time changes, so has it during the course of history. One way or another, the goal is same- to pass the skill and knowledge from one generation to another, but how and which knowledge are passed to whom makes all the... Continue Reading →

How to fly drones in Nepal? Legally

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been around public eyes for not so long. In recent days, these pieces of technology are catching a lot of attention regarding entertainment, photography, Remote sensing etc. Although drones are commercially available and easy to fly, you don't get to play with them without special permissions in Nepal or... Continue Reading →

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